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V V Brown featuring Kele from Block Party - “Faith.”

Oneohtrix Point Never - “Boring Angel.”

The Housemartins - “Caravan of Love.”

New Against Me! music: “Black Me Out.”

Oingo Boingo - “Forbidden Zone.” Later adapted into the Dilbert theme song. This is my favorite thing right now.


Tom Waits - “Little Drop of Poison”

From my other Tumblr. This whole album (disc two, “Bawlers,” of “Orphans”) has become my favorite Tom Waits album recently.

"Earth to Echo" Official Trailer, which looks like a more fun "Super 8."

(Source: youtube.com)

“[Tavi Gevinson] on what she’d listen to in various life situations: Animal Collective in a snowstorm, “Summer Breeze” in a public bathroom, Taylor Swift at a wedding, Brian Eno during the apocalypse.”

—   An interview on Pitchfork. Tavi Gevinson’s story is interesting, and in its own way a little inspiring. Seeing someone so young with such refined and specific taste is kind of surprising, and her story hopefully only serves to remind us that it SHOULDN’T be so surprising.

I am a perennial Califone fan. Their new one, “We Are a Payphone.”

Teaser for the “Godzilla” reboot: if the music choices in the trailer say anything about the film, we’re in good hands.